Time Management and Stress

Time Management and Stress
It’s true; when you’re in college you will be able to pick your classes. You won’t have to sit in a desk for seven hours like you did in high school. Classes will be tougher and more will be expected of you. That being said, it is possible to feel a little stressed out with the amount of work expected of you and the amount of time given to co [...]

There’s more to college than you thin...

There’s more to college than you think!
Many people have a general idea that college consist of endless classes and lectures. If you happen to attend college you would be surprised to learn there is so much more. Study abroad programs are a great way to learn more about other countries’ cultures and still be able to study your major. There are even programs that give you scholarshi [...]

How to Get Along with Your New Roomma...

How to Get Along with Your New Roommate
High school is over, and you’re a freshman in college. You’re ready for your classes and excited to meet new people, but are you prepared for your new roommate? You never know who you’ll end up living with, so you don’t know if they’ll be just like you or your total opposite. In any case, it is possible to get along with your roommate. [...]

You’ll love biology from the ge...

You’ll love biology from the gecko!
Starting in the month of October, the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation will be offering the High School Biology Challenge! Like all Common Knowledge scholarships, The National Biology Challenge is free to all schools and students in the United States. The individual top scorer will be awarded a $250 scholarship which may be used at the [...]

College HELP scholarship

College HELP scholarship
The college HELP scholarships are in full effect. These are two separate scholarships, so there is a better chance at winning. The Higher Education Life Preparation (HELP) scholarships will quiz college students on topics they should know before they graduate such as professional protocols, taxes and job search. The first scholarship quizzes [...]

CKSF presents the “Before You G...

CKSF presents the “Before You Graduate” Scholarship!
The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF) is offering the BYG scholarship. BYG stands for Before You Graduate. The quizzes will test students on what they should know before going to college with such things as credit scores, political mascots, and basic geography. This scholarship is only available to high school students and runs t [...]

Student Employment Can Make All The D...

Student Employment Can Make All The Difference
So, you’re going to college. You made it this far, so you know how crazy tuition costs are. One of the things that college students initially struggle with is making their student loan payments. So what will you to do lessen the burden of student debt? What can you do? What better way to fund your schooling than to work while you go to school [...]

“Auto Math is Back!”

“Auto Math is Back!”
July 2014 – Scholarships and programs at CKSF are starting up full force! Students will once again have the opportunity to participate in the Auto Math Challenge for a chance to win a $250 scholarship and the National Auto Math Challenge Trophy. This time, there is a chance that there will be bigger prizes, as partnerships with differen [...]

A “C” is not failing!

A “C” is not failing!
The anticipation is bubbling up in your stomach, waiting for the end of the class to be handed the piece of paper that determines your mood for the rest of the day. Report card day causes mixed emotions for everybody students,teachers, and parents. Maybe you have that harsh teacher that left you with a 79% instead of giving you that one extra [...]

How to Win the Game of Life: How much...

How to Win the Game of Life: How much more a person can make with a college degree?
Yesterday I sat down with my cousin and played The Game of Life – more commonly known as LIFE. While playing this game and losing three times in a row, I realized something very important. After you spin to see who goes first, you have the choice to either pick a college or a career. Each time I picked career, and my cousin picked colle [...]