You’ll love biology from the gecko!

Starting in the month of October, the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation will be offering the High School Biology Challenge! Like all Common Knowledge scholarships, The National Biology Challenge is free to all schools and students in the United States. The individual top scorer will be awarded a $250 scholarship which may be used at the college of his or her

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College HELP scholarship

The college HELP scholarships are in full effect. These are two separate scholarships, so there is a better chance at winning. The Higher Education Life Preparation (HELP) scholarships will quiz college students on topics they should know before they graduate such as professional protocols, taxes and job search. The first scholarship quizzes will run September through December and the next

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“Auto Math is Back!”

July 2014 – Scholarships and programs at CKSF are starting up full force! Students will once again have the opportunity to participate in the Auto Math Challenge for a chance to win a $250 scholarship and the National Auto Math Challenge Trophy. This time, there is a chance that there will be bigger prizes, as partnerships with different car companies

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